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  • noun Plural form of advantage.
  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of advantage.


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  • Countries therefore which do not enjoy these advantages, must gain by commerce with those which do; because the exchanges of commerce are between _labor and labor_; subtraction being made of all the natural advantages which are combined with these labors; and it is evidently the most favored countries which can incorporate into a given labor the largest proportion of these _natural advantages_.

    Sophisms of the Protectionists

  • It was he, too, who laid before Lady Southdown the great advantages which might occur from an intimacy between her family and Miss Crawley, —advantages both worldly and spiritual, he said: for Miss Crawley was now quite alone; the monstrous dissipation and alliance of his brother Rawdon had estranged her affections from that reprobate young man; the greedy tyranny and avarice of Mrs. Bute Crawley had caused the old lady to revolt against the exorbitant pretensions of that part of the family; and though he himself had held off all his life from cultivating Miss Crawley’s friendship, with perhaps an improper pride, he thought now that every becoming means should be taken, both to save her soul from perdition, and to secure her fortune to himself as the head of the house of Crawley.

    XXXIII. In Which Miss Crawley’s Relations Are Very Anxious about Her

  • We will gain advantages from the law of large numbers

    Milton Friedman on health, education, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • We will gain advantages from the law of large numbers

    Milton Friedman on health, education, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Rather, the self-publisher of local history has several built-in advantages from the start: his audience is highly concentrated, that audience tends to gravitate naturally toward sources of new material, and the demand for works of local history generally equals or exceeds the supply (or put another way, the self-publisher of a new work usually has few if any direct subject-matter competitors).

    msagara: A question about vanity press publications and bookstores

  • But other vendors are making inroads, citing what they call advantages over Harley in terms of cost and performance.

    Harley Faces Test in San Francisco Bake-Off

  • I am not so sure that what we call advantages, a good start in life, and all that, is worth while.


  • Macaulay was a young man who possessed in a very high degree what we call the advantages of modern education.

    Paul Patoff

  • This school of thought says the potential damage nuclear power could reek on people and the environment, vastly outweighs the longer-term advantages this power source brings to energy security.

    The Burning Issue

  • Their shameless lack of intellectual consistency has certain advantages, that being one of them. hopelessly wrong, matt Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Why the Budget Will Never Be Balanced


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