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  • adverb In an aerobic manner.


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aerobic +‎ -ally


  • VIESTURS: Most people, at 50 percent of their maximum oxygen uptake, start working an aerobically, which isn't good.

    CNN Transcript Dec 26, 2004

  • Some couples choose locations that are aerobically challenging or simply inaccessible to elderly or physically challenged guests -- including women in high heels.

    Judith Johnson: 10 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Wedding Ceremony

  • By late April, Mercie was seen around town, shopping aerobically for size 8s.

    The Strange Reign of the Diet Queen

  • Indeed, atypical E. coli that grow aerobically on citrate (Cit+) have been isolated from agricultural and clinical settings, and were found to harbor plasmids, presumably acquired from other species, that encode citrate transporters (44, 45).

    Assessing Fault

  • "I'm finishing a soccer game sprinting just as hard as when I started, and it's not because I'm better aerobically, it's because I've got a stronger core."

    Dangling from hoops and ropes, in tights

  • That is, you can be strong from lifting weights, or aerobically fit from running, but still be tight and injury-prone because of the one-dimensionality of your workouts.

    Mark C. Miller: Power Yoga: When You're Fit, Life is Sweat

  • It was all jolly good fun, and semi-aerobically beneficial to my cardio-pulmonary systems, what with the jumping and the yelling.

    Ellis Weiner: Tea Party Animals

  • Rich -- a combination of Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards -- jerks and shreds the guitar so hard you can almost see the electricity running through his body, while Dan knocks over drums, aerobically pounds on symbols, and behind his swooping bangs you can see his closed eyes and meditative expression.

    Mihal Freinquel: When Style Meets Music: Aja Volkman of Nico Vega

  • HypoSs and HypoPs tend to develop these conditions, and are often unfit aerobically, with poor muscle strength and limited flexibility.


  • Along with strength training three days a week, you cross train aerobically, maybe alternating among jogging, going to spin class, and swimming.

    The Life You Want


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