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  • v. To disperse as an aerosol.

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  • v. disperse as an aerosol
  • v. become dispersed as an aerosol


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aerosol +‎ -ize


  • The ability to "aerosolize" anthrax was the big breakthrough that Patrick achieved at Fort Detrick, and for which he holds several secret patents.

    What Can Iraq Do?

  • There simply is no regulatory solution to the millions of tons of searingly fetid, toxic effluvium that industrial hog farms discharge and aerosolize on a daily basis.

    Making Links

  • But traditional snow-making systems -- which blow water and compressed air through special nozzles to aerosolize it, then rely on outdoor air to freeze it before it hits the slopes -- only work when temperatures drop below freezing.

    Eternal Life For Frosty

  • The first requirement would be to aerosolize the spores.

    Anthrax-The biggest smoking gun of all?

  • If you aerosolize it and throw it around a crowded subway, you could infect a lot of people, if it's made in a weaponized form.

    'Hot Zone II'?

  • They speculate that another powerful drug -- the anesthetic gas halothene -- must have been used to aerosolize the mixture, with recommended dosages doubled or trebled for maximum impact.

    More Questions Than Answers

  • In all their forms, they're radioactive and chemically toxic after striking, penetrating and incinerating inside a target after which they aerosolize in a fine spray which then contaminates the air, soil and water around and beyond the target area.

    Comments on Helen Caldicott's New Book Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer

  • You need a lot more of the inhaled version, because it's not easy to aerosolize like anthrax.

    CNN Transcript Feb 3, 2004

  • TUCKER: Well, it has been explored by a number of countries as a potential biological warfare agent, but it is just not a very good biological weapon, because it's difficult to deliver, to aerosolize.

    CNN Transcript Feb 3, 2004

  • ELIZABETH COHEN, CNN MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: Kyra, the story is a concern because in the years following World War II both the Soviet Union and the United States found ways to aerosolize the plague.

    CNN Transcript Jan 15, 2003


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