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  • n. Any of several forms of rocket engine having specialized nozzles.
  • n. A spike, protruding from the nose cone of a missile, designed to decrease supersonic drag.


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aero- +‎ spike


  • Remember what happened last time unqualified people made major funding decisions: X-33 Venture Star, doomed already at the drawing board with its absolutely ridiculous 4% mass margin of error (in comparison, Saturn V engineers used 50% as a rule of thumb) AND in addition betting on unproven technology such as aerospike and cryogenic composite tanks.

    Jeff Hanley's Latest Update From the Denial Zone - NASA Watch

  • They designed the X-33's "aerospike" engine so that the flow of air serves to shape the engine's exhaust.

    The Space Siren

  • If you want to pursue a SSTO then it goes down to 4%, which is what failed on the X-33 once their composite cryogenic tank and the aerospike engine didn't work as expected.

    Would You Bring Back NGLT-or SLI? - NASA Watch

  • X-33 spaceplane should be completed and developed into reusable, aerospike engine powered, TiN skinned, spacecraft.

    Ares V Draft Proposal Request - NASA Watch

  • No I guess some would have all of us GA pilots have our planes use some form of a hydrogen/oxygen rocket or aerospike engine on our 172's simply because it is more advanced or "modern".

    Astronaut Office Weighs In (Officially) On Ares/Orion/EELVs - NASA Watch

  • Lockheed Martin: The flying-wing design and linear aerospike engine are intended to make both the X-33 and the RLV (artist's rendering shown) efficient at any altitude.

    Son Of The Shuttle

  • The aerospike engine turned out to be a big success.

    The Space Siren

  • I don't think you necessarily need a destination to work on aerospike engines for rockets.

    Out of the Cradle


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