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  • adjective Aged; at the age of.


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Shortened from Latin aetatis, genitive of aetas ("age").


  • At the present moment Mr. Thorne, aetat. fifty, was over head and ears in love at first sight with the Signora Madeline Vesey

    Barchester Towers

  • With a charming gleefulness, he did the most outrageous things -- at which Master Adolphus, aetat twelve, would have turned up his nose, as being much beneath his years and dignity.

    She and I, Volume 1

  • And for Marlow, aetat. 20, the faith, the endeavor, the imagination of Youth were in that cry.

    The Voyages of Conrad

  • "'Thy Little One, O God, aetat 2, from the Mercer Lot," returned Ambrose gently.

    The Spiral Stone

  • Only three were out among the graves: "Ambrose Chillingworth, aetat 30, 1675"; "Margaret Vane, aetat 19, 1839"; and "Thy Little One, O God, aetat 2," from the Mercer Lot.

    The Spiral Stone

  • Was it any wonder that when Dick Steele, aetat twenty-six, an officer of Fusiliers, and a merry vagabond, wanted to redeem his reputation by writing a rollicking comedy, his thoughts turned to the satirising of the British undertaker?

    The Palmy Days of Nance Oldfield

  • It did not matter how she might look to an old codger, aetat. fifty-two; he didn't count.

    The Drums of Jeopardy

  • [Transcriber's note: The word "aetat." in the above paragraph is an abbreviation of the Latin "aetatis", meaning "aged".]

    Deeds that Won the Empire Historic Battle Scenes

  • Another youthful Nelson, aetat. sixteen, at the hottest stage of the fight -- probably at the moment the acting-purser was in command on the quarter-deck -- found an opportunity of getting at the purser's stores.

    Deeds that Won the Empire Historic Battle Scenes

  • Even the single word aetat. is exceptional, and only one near complete epitaph in Latin was found: In memoriam William James Dempsey obiit 23 June MDCCCLXVIII, and two inscriptions which were more than formulaic: Laboro, spero, exspecto (1995), and Hic iacet Bache Parsons Harvey ...

    Book & Print in New Zealand: A Guide to Print Culture in New Zealand


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