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  • n. Plural form of aether.


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  • Borrowing a word from Aristotle, scientists described various kinds of 'aethers' that exist in even the hardest vacuum and that pervade space.

    Between Two Worlds

  • To certain smoke-dried spirits matter and motion and elastic aethers, and the hypothesis of this or that other spectacled professor, tell a speaking story; but for youth and all ductile and congenial minds, Pan is not dead, but of all the classic hierarchy alone survives in triumph; goat-footed, with

    Virginibus Puerisque and other papers

  • Hunches, strange impressions, omens: the C.B. static of the Luck Plane aethers, occasional flares of Future Luck Patterns that bust through their normal confines and ‘snag’ on such rough edges of our reality as the psychic distress of a job-hunting SubGenius.

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • They also passed with freedom through a variety of aethers and alcohols.

    Fragments of science, V. 1-2

  • The culture isn’t some platonic form floating in the aethers, to be apprehended solely by philosophers, sociologists, central planners, etc. - it is the product of human behavior, and the context for that behavior is not the global “culture” but particular situations with particular people.

    Open thread on: localism, decentralism, anarchism, thick conceptions of libertarianism, and the U.S. Constitution

  • I have one quality which I find remains with me in all worlds and in all aethers; I brought it with me from your world, and am admired for it in this-'tis my esteem for you: this is a common thought among you, and you will laugh at it, but it is new here: as new to remember one's friends in the world one has left, as for you to remember those you have lost.

    The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 1

  • There is no question that Dobbs can follow a person’s ESP ‘smudge’ on the aethers, no matter how far away that person may be, once he has ‘whiffread’ with his Third Nostril anything that person has touched.

    The Book of the SubGenius


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