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  • noun The state or quality of being affectless.


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affectless +‎ -ness


  • And he is superb in the meeting with his daughter which, in Hodge's hands, becomes less a self-conscious tirade against the cool affectlessness of 60s youth than a complex expression of a love-hate relationship.

    Inadmissible Evidence - review

  • And Lolita's delicately depicted retreat into affectlessness becomes in Margaux a repeated and overt psychotic dissociation, as over-described as if it were taken straight from a case study.

    Tiger, Tiger by Margaux Fragoso – review

  • Their twin USPs are, first, their cleverly constructed harmonies, which offset the affectlessness of Roxanne Clifford's voice, and, second, that they eschew the twee and embrace the gothic, be it suicide (Beachy Head), romance with the afterlife (Found Love in a Graveyard), or simply nameless dread (Bad Feeling).

    Veronica Falls: Veronica Falls – review

  • Dressed in khaki trousers, blue T-shirt, trainers, his hair longish, with wolfish grey streaks, he has the slightly matt affectlessness of the off-duty comedian, speaking in mild sentences from which extreme judgments have been carefully excised.

    Ben Stiller: 'I never talk to my shrink about comedy'

  • Being a contemporary, he had to traffic in the madmen's themes: suicide, affectlessness, guilt, absolute terror.

    There's Something Wrong with Sven

  • You can see it in the studied affectlessness of the "over the hill" 50-year-old engineer or IT person, the carefully kept up appearance, the vulnerability to sudden tears.

    Barbara Ehrenreich: Up, UP, and Away!

  • We must explain their affectlessness by their institutions, the centralizing social organization, competitive economy, suburban privatism, processing schooling, consumer ideology, prejudices; in brief, by the American way of life which is a cotton-batting against the flesh-and-blood reality of their actions.

    Victims of Hiroshima

  • I don't mind effective affectlessness in experimental theater.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The cast is top-notch, each actor adding nuance to the prevailing style of unsmiling affectlessness a crew of

    NYT > Home Page

  • "Juno" 's story of a teenager's pregnancy had an over-all affectlessness to it-you couldn't tell whether you were supposed to think that the pregnancy was no big deal or whether its being no big deal was a comment on the kind of culture that leads to kids getting pregnant.

    The New Yorker


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