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  • n. Plural form of affinity.


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  • SR: Actually, the influences on my writing and thinking come from a totally different place, although there are certain affinities — a sense of the power of the irrational, these atavistic drives pulsing inside culture.

    Ballardian » The 032c Interview: Simon Reynolds on Ballard, part 2

  • Worth noting is that, while there are two fossil hoatzins, neither of them preserve enough information to tell us anything useful about hoatzin affinities, or about the way of life of the fossil forms.

    Goodbye, my giant predatory, cursorial, flightless hoatzin

  • South American Miocene Charactosuchus, while gharial-like, has been regarded as a highly unusual crocodylid of uncertain affinities (Langston 1965, Langston & Gasparini 1997), while Euthecodon – a uniquely African taxon, some species of which approached 10 m in length – is also a crocodylid, and perhaps a close relative of the living dwarf crocodiles (and we’ll discuss those more in a moment).

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • How can one be a reader and not develop certain affinities.

    Which would YOU rather have?

  • In return for this patronage, magnates expected their clients, tenants, and neighbors — their "affinities" — to support them with men, arms, and money when the magnate needed military resources.

    From Heads of Household to Heads of State: The Preaccession Households of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, 1516-1558

  • -- RUSS There was a box for "affinities," words that would draw a searcher, or surfer, to the site.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • And what kind of affinities do spiraling coincidences imply?

    Out of Novemberland

  • Those babble of "affinities" who know little, and care less, about the long and arduous ascent up which mankind has toiled, in the effort to attain to civilization.

    A Handbook of Ethical Theory

  • Tricotrin -- by 'affinities' I do not mean hungry poets.

    A Chair on the Boulevard

  • Naish & Martill (2001), the idiots, thought that this might be another brachiosaurid, but that’s clearly wrong: Canudo et al. (2002) suggested that Oplosaurus might instead have been closer to Camarasaurus, and Upchurch et al. (2004) regarded it as a distinct neosauropod of uncertain affinities.

    Archive 2006-02-01


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