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  • noun rhetoric Making a statement as if it were in response to a question or were in dispute, especially when it is not.


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From Latin affirmātiō ("affirmation; confirmation").


  • According to this mode, the affirmation of man is the negation of angel and vice versa (affirmatio enim hominis negatio est angeli, negatio vero hominis affirmatio est angeli, I. 444b).

    John Scottus Eriugena

  • While wishing to avoid the _affirmatio falsi_ and to give no heed to lying fables, we must not risk being guilty of a

    Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln A Short Story of One of the Makers of Mediaeval England

  • But if you continue involving sexual orientatio ­n with sin, don't be surprised when the community of acceptance and affirmatio Eric_Thorson: Adam, I think you need to take responsibility instead of

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  • Thank God we're not all stuck with or in a "thing" paying us $1,000,000 ­.00 per episode and having to deal with the constant affirmatio ­n and adulation of our "thing".

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  • Verum prior affirmatio unice vera eft aut de corpore per inane fpatium delapfo, ayt de veris eiementis: qua* in graviori corpore numerofiora funt/pofterius expenmentum unice docet, metalium accu - rate a folvcnte humore folvi, & adeo pertinaciter ipfi adhaerere, ut in exiguo fpatio non feparetur,

    Elementa physiologiae corporis humani ..


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