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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of affront.


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  • He could ask him what he thinks about the Lib Dems being so "affronted" by the Tory tactics in the Cheadle bye-bye-Tories-election.

    Tory Democracy: Hands Up for Bottom of the Class Francis Maude

  • Being easily hurt, they can feel "affronted" when spoken to by a non-HSP in tone that an HSP would not use.

    Article Source

  • So Ng Yen Yen, please convey to Todt that I am 'affronted' and 'distressed' that somehow money is involved when he supposedly took the position voluntarily.

    Malaysiakini :: News

  • He used to be very kind of affronted that -- that Edward would not call him, you know, "Your Imperial Highness" because, you know, the kaiser said, "Look, I'm an emperor.

    Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy

  • And if Smith's economic ideas affronted the paternalism of the traditional Tory party, they were eventually taken up by William Pitt the Younger, the late-18th-century prime minister who is now seen as one of the fathers of free-market conservatism.

    A Wealth Of Ideas

  • And Dean, being such a butch guy, is always affronted on every level that people would think HE is gay.

    Supernatural's Gay Incest Subtext

  • Hill is affronted by the World Cup winner's aloofness and relates an incident in which, after a match at Old Trafford, the United No9 pointedly asks him why he's drinking in the players' lounge.

    Who's the sycophant in the black? | Harry Pearson

  • His words came out more affronted than he would have liked, but she just sniffed and turned her back on him.

    How to Woo a Reluctant Lady

  • The Kerner Report affronted white America by placing the blame for urban riots on white racism and entrenched patterns of discrimination.

    Burial for a King

  • What I ought to know by now is that they think we already have one and they are it and they are appalled and affronted that there are people who don't agree and don't plan to just go along with their princely and princessly dreams.

    Lance Mannion:


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