from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To terrify; alarm.
  • Afflicted; distressed.


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  • I am mellow, and yellow, and um ... light? er, white? maybe aflight?

    This is Your Brain on Drugs

  • One method would be to book aflight immediately to Montego Bay and enjoy Caribbean sunsets and Bay Breezes indefinitely.

    Buzzine » Let the Flood Gates Open

  • Baby-boomer spiritualism is always aflight, never settling anywhere.

    Living-Room Crusaders

  • Then we saw each other all decked out and the butterflies we each felt were all set aflight by the paparazzi atmosphere.

    badger Diary Entry

  • He did not want to think about what that would have meant for poor Tadrith if the basket regained its normal weight in a single moment while aflight.

    The Silver Gryphon

  • Immensities of forest, prairie, savannah, splendor of horned beasts and lethally graceful predators, birds in their tens of thousands aflight across the sky.

    The Stars Are Also Fire

  • Kili, who had almost trapped him once before, with a much smaller force aflight, was streaking to a pitch a thousand feet above the other six, screaming commands.

    The Black Gryphon

  • Such might attract the attention of men about, or perhaps of tarnsmen aflight, even as far away as Venna.

    Dancer Of Gor

  • These serve as guides to tarnsmen aflight, and, too, may be used to signal their recall, and such.

    Dancer Of Gor

  • For example, if you have thrilled to the movements and power of a fine steed, you have some conception of what it is to be aflight on tarnback.

    Renegades Of Gor


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