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  • Soon after eight Mrs. Cartarette said goodbye to that prize ass George Lacklander and came down the hill.

    Scales of Justice

  • Impossibly tall buildings dotted the city, stepped and slab-sided palaces that sometimes ended after eight or even ten stories not with a roof but with the ragged masonry of another half-built floor.

    The Fires of Heaven

  • Oliver was tall, thin, saturnine, a chain-smoker, only sixty-two but sick much of the time, and — Charlie Scruggs now knew after eight of these damned Vancouver-Buffalo runs — an absolute pain in the ass.


  • Number after number was sent and delivered to the Baron, and after eight or ten months my son made out his account and sent it by Mr. Havell, my engraver, to his banking-house.

    John James Audubon

  • SPIRIT MATERIALIZATION: And after eight days again His disciples within, and Thomas with them, then came Jesus, the doors being shut….


  • Five years after Long had arrived, the American government had established what it called the Exclusion Act, which reduced the numbers of Oriental immigrants effectively to none; after eight years, there was no sign of the Act being loosened.

    Locked Rooms

  • Then the birds came again, and sat upon the prow, and told them how they must, every year, celebrate Easter in the Isle of Birds, and Easter Eve upon the back of the fish Jasconius; and how, after eight months, they should come to the isle called Ailbey, and keep their Christmas there.

    The Hermits

  • Consider a well-known case from the early days of psychical research.8 In 1863, after eight stormy days, a Mr. S. R. Wilmot was sailing from Liverpool on the steamer, City of Limerick, to New York City.

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • Karin said: We have a description of a pickup like yours at a disturbance in Frogtown just after eight that night.


  • The gaol-birds were nothing loth; after eight weeks at sea a spell ashore in this pleasant land, with all kinds of indulgences which did not come within the ordinary regimen of convicts and sailors, greatly appealing to them.

    Christopher Columbus


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