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  • n. The members of a yacht's crew who attend to the aft sails

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  • n. The seaman or seamen stationed on the poop or after part of the ship, to attend the after-sails.

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  • n. In men-of-war, that division of the crew which is stationed on the quarter-deck to work the after-sails, etc., generally composed of ordinary seamen and landsmen who are not required to go aloft; hence, a drudge; one occupying an inferior position.


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after +‎ guard


  • When his back was turned from them the sailors indulged in grins and back-slappings and other rough demonstrations of their knowledge that the "afterguard" were not on agreeable terms.

    Isle o' Dreams

  • Besides, I understand that every forecastle has its bully, or group of bullies; so this is merely a forecastle matter and no concern of the afterguard.


  • In reply, we of the afterguard pointed out that it was our chance for life that was doubled did we but bear with the half-pound ration.

    Chapter 19

  • And further, it would be well to be near the afterguard in whatever troubles that were sure to arise under such circumstances in the days to come.

    Chapter 19

  • They ain't never goin 'to forgive me, sir, for joinin' in with the afterguard.


  • He is more my own kind, and some day he will make a henchman of the afterguard and a mate like Mr. Pike.


  • We of the afterguard are weary of this eternal buffeting.


  • While the calm held, the Eniel ran quiet as a dream: her captain hated needless bellowing, calling it the poor pilot's surrogate for leadership, and merely gestured to the afterguard when the time came to tack for shore.

    Excerpt: The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert Redick

  • The six marines on the quarter-reck, the helmsman, the carronades 'crews, Mr Prowse and the rest of the afterguard had all heard him.

    Hornblower And The Hotspur

  • He inquired now about the other member of the afterguard, -- the burly Hollander who had superintended the washing-down.

    Gold Out of Celebes


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