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  • adj. Unfairly discriminatory against someone based on their age.
  • n. A person who behaves in an ageist manner.


age +‎ -ist (Wiktionary)


  • "I mean if calling someone ageist is a cyril sneer, what is calling Peter Black an 'ignorant fool'?"

    Peter Black steps beyond the pale

  • I mean if calling someone ageist is a cyril sneer, what is calling Peter Black an 'ignorant fool'?

    Peter Black steps beyond the pale

  • On Tuesday I pointed out how Fib Dem Central was wilfully jumping to the wrong conclusions in portraying Helen Mary Jones 'response to the selection of 67 year old Keith Davies as Assembly candidate for Llanelli as being' ageist '- despite the evident fact that no mention of his age was made.

    Peter Black steps beyond the pale

  • I think it's the blokes who are "ageist" - I think many women of whatever age would consider him to be - well, a lot more sexy than "Callmedave".

    My Ming Campbell Picture Dilemma

  • Republicans can call it ageist to discuss what happens if McCain dies in office, but that’s a reality that should be addressed for any candidate, regardless of age.

    Waldo Jaquith - The RPV’s changing veepstakes logic.

  • And perhaps it is "ageist" and "classist" to target teens, as he went on to say.

    Defending the Gallery Place 'Mosquito'

  • Suddenly the innocent "What, now we can't say Obama's middle name?" crowd will be very quick to find "ageist" subtexts in Democratic talking points.

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • I'm not implying that Obama meant anything "ageist" in his statement, but what kind of stupid do you have to be to remind people about your candidate's age?

    McCain Camp Accuses Obama Of Hitting McCain On Age

  • Before everyone calls me "ageist", how is a theoretical 65-years age limit more "ageist" than a 35-years age limit?

    Poll: National Race A Dead Heat; McCain's Attacks Working

  • Joli, please consider that my non-sexist & non-'ageist' appreciation of you, via ‘dear’, must be quashed; it was not what you assumed.

    CSK: Redux


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