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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of agglutinate.


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  • The material employed by him for this purpose is a kind of agglutinated mud, which he procures from the neighbouring watercourse or quagmire, and somewhat similar to that used by the common house-swallow for constructing _its_ peculiar nest.

    The Cliff Climbers A Sequel to "The Plant Hunters"

  • 'What a monstrous spectre is this man, this disease of the agglutinated dust, lifting alternate feet or lying drugged with slumber; killing, feeding, growing, bringing forth small copies of himself; grown up with hair like grass, fitted with eyes that glitter in his face; a thing to set children screaming.

    CHAPTER 21

  • The later so-called indicative *-i (or should it be renamed declarative?) must have been agglutinated to the existing objective endings in Mid IE at the time of QAR (Quasi-penultimate Accent Rule).

    The trouble with the PIE 1st & 2nd person plural endings

  • So, like I said already, primary stress accent in Mid IE was much like in Polish and fell on the penultimate syllable (second-from-last syllable) by default unless a suffix was derived from an Old IE agglutinated enclitic in which case the antepenultimate (third-from-last syllable) was chosen.

    Sporadic phonetic changes in the Indo-European case system

  • While secondary stress would have once donned most instances of the agglutinated deictics *-sa and *-ta in MIE, it wouldn't have naturally done so in unstressed MIE *kʷai-ta *kʷittᵊ PIE *kʷid "what?" yet the inanimate pronominal marker shows voicing nonetheless.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • Speakers began to perceive postposed *sa now as an agglutinated animate nominative suffix *-sa.

    Sporadic phonetic changes in the Indo-European case system

  • This national identity had been created by the sensible spirit of business enterprise, linking the provinces like great beads on an iron railroad line, rather than by any evangelical preachment of a Manifest Destiny — manifest only to its Anglo perpetrators — that had hurled the agglutinated United States westwards and then outwards, across all the oceans, where its boy soldiers lost limbs and died.

    'The Widows of Eastwick'

  • All from a common origin: the early Late IE enclitic relative pronoun *yə accented *ya, agglutinated to the verb centuries before PIE proper.

    Thoughts on the early Indo-European subjunctive 1ps ending

  • The more the original associative or agglutinated representations are compressed or displaced, the more they disappear altogether from consciousness, leaving in their stead a single representation whose original composite structure has disappeared.

    Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt

  • The process of drying is completed on an iron plate over a slow fire, the mass being stirred meanwhile with a stick, and when quite dry it appears agglutinated into little globules, and is in the form we see the tapioca of commerce.

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa


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