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  • transitive verb To fill and raise the level of (the bed of a stream) by deposition of sediment.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • In geology, to grade up; fill up: the opposite of degrade or wear away.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • transitive verb (Phys. Geog.) To bring, or tend to bring, to a uniform grade, or slope, by addition of material.

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  • verb transitive, geology to raise the level of a river bed by the deposition of sediment

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  • verb build up to a level by depositing sediment


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ad- +‎ gradation


  • In this way they aggrade each portion of it in turn by means of their shifting channels,

    The Elements of Geology

  • It has therefore been slowly subsiding and its streams, although continually carried below grade, have yet been able to aggrade the surface as rapidly as the region sank, and have maintained it, as at present, slightly above sea level.

    The Elements of Geology

  • It often occurs that a stream, after having built a flood plain, ceases to aggrade its bed because of a lessened load or for other reasons, such as an uplift of the region, and begins instead to degrade it.

    The Elements of Geology

  • After building this sheet of waste the streams ceased to aggrade and began the work of destruction.

    The Elements of Geology

  • Even when the river is able to maintain its right of way it may yet have its declivity so lessened that it is compelled to aggrade its course continually, filling the valley with river deposits which may grow to an enormous thickness.

    The Elements of Geology

  • But as on other glaciated volcanoes, Rainier's water transports so much dirt and rock that its riverbeds rise over time, or aggrade, with the tons of debris that gradually get driven downstream.


  • So she aggrade to do her best, an’ gev her a little bag to carry wid ’erbs in it, an’ writ some words on two bits av paper an’ the same in Latin.

    Irish Wonders

  • "So Nora towld Paddy an’ Paddy said he’d not give her up for all the men in Tipperary or all the shape in Ireland, an’ it was aggrade that in wan way or another, they’d be married in spite av owld O’Moore, though Nora hated to do it, bekase, as I was afther tellin’ ye, she was a good gurrul, an’ wint to mass an’ to her duty reg’lar.

    Irish Wonders

  • So they all aggrade, an’ wint home at wanst to get ready fur the shports.

    Irish Wonders

  • Afther a dale av palatherin’, they aggrade that the divil was to do all that Lord Robert axed him fur twinty years, an’ then to have him sowl an’ body; but if he failed, there was an end av the bargain.

    Irish Wonders


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