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  • v. Present participle of aggro.


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  • We had a little problem when we tried to circomvent the enemies in the temple by swimming to the forgotten pool behind it, because they noticed us anyway and, instead of jumping in the water like a human enemy would do, they ran through the temple, aggroing every mob there with them and then ran down the stairs into the water to get us.

    Crossfire killed Aku'mai

  • Seriously, while other classes do tend to have some people who can't resist aggroing extra mobs to "speed" things up, the hunters have earned a lot of their reputation by being just that kind of dick.

  • Trash in the beginning part of the quarter is pretty straightforward, although I should stress for the sake of limiting your repair costs that it's necessary to clear all of the trash (minus the Frogger hallway; more on this in a bit) in Patchwerk's room before aggroing him.

  • We're telling him to stop, slow down, stop aggroing things, etc.

    Evil Avatar

  • Misdirect or any player with a speed bonus / ability aggroing him then running off, but in a pinch any tank can manage it too.

  • Had some deaths due to accidental dismounts or aggroing dragons and dismounting (your mount can take a much larger beating than you can).

    World of war

  • Inside the cave, you just have to hug the left wall and you can go past "Mad" Jonah without aggroing him, don't worry about Hozzer either, he's sleeping, you can run past him and go to the end of the cave, where you'll find

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  • Most groups in the game come in packs of 4-6 individuals that are connected when aggroing.

    The Unofficial GuildWars Site

  • "I've also found tanks will often not provide enough room for melee players to get in behind mobs in instances, many times making melee DPS choose between pushing parries on the tank and losing DPS, or possibly aggroing another group.


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