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  • n. One who suffers from agoraphobia.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to agoraphobia.

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  • adj. suffering from agoraphobia; abnormally afraid of open or public places


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  • I swear each day that I become more and more agoraphobic, is because humans never cease to amaze me with their utter stupidity. at

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  • It's cute that she thinks we still care about this story! agoraphobic, which is only slightly less disturbing than Andy Dick's confession that he's a tri-sexual. Celeb News

  • "agoraphobic" and the producers quickly dismiss that claim by reminding us that agoraphobia is the fear of large groups or public places.

  • Or when Janine got so agoraphobic she sat indoors eating dog food.

    Charlie Brooker | Complaining about the lack of realism in EastEnders is like moaning that Monster Munch crisps don't taste of monsters

  • Shameless is what you might expect of a no-holds-barred family drama on pay cable: reckless, raw and always a bit much — especially when it comes to a preposterous character like Joan Cusack as a neurotic, agoraphobic, psycho/nympho housewife who we first meet when Lip tutors her daughter in sessions that go predictably ribald.

    Roush Review: A Super Busy TV Sunday

  • The possibilities for a true rhyme here are endless: an agoraphobic might want to substitute "lair," a friendly Frenchman "mon frere," a stolid German "mein herr," etc.

    Michael Sigman: Sondheim's Lyrics: Rhymes, Reasons and Religion

  • In fact, he had known about the mounting sea-life threat before campaigning, which, in a long, confusing explanation, necessitated creating the agoraphobic personality ruse.

  • The President had been incommunicado for weeks, which was not a surprise since he was the first publicly declared agoraphobic to be elected.

  • She came up with the story of a wealthy, agoraphobic Vermont widow who makes anonymous gifts to the townspeople who ignore and fear her.

    How I Became a Best-Selling Author

  • Courtney Love, for instance, who admitted she "had no idea" what a virtual museum was but was curious and described herself as an agoraphobic who Andrew Saffir had to drag to come to the party.

    Valentino's Modern Fashion Museum


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