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  • n. The application of ecology to agriculture


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  • Just to clarify, Sasha did not call agroecology a "soft science," I did, and it was based on perceptions (perhaps faulty ones) gleaned from a ...

    The Ethicurean: Chew the right thing.

  • Instead of GM crops and a new 'green revolution for Africa', the answer to the food crisis and climate change lies in smaller-scale, local 'agroecology'.

    Red Pepper

  • It offered a series of solutions that reject carbon markets and other market-based mechanisms, while supporting small farmers, agroecology and "the Rights of Mother Earth" -- a paradigm that views the planet as a unitary system of which the human race is but a single aspect.

    Laura Carlsen: Fiddling on Climate

  • MPNKP has spearheaded projects in each of Haiti's 10 departments, ranging from pig repopulation using Creole varieties from the Caribbean to agroecology.

    Salena Tramel: Haitian Movements Branch Out

  • The falling land productivity of industrial agriculture, the spread of agrofuels diverting arable land to fuel crops, massive land grabs that displace poor farmers and urban communities, climate change and inadequate investment in agroecology are all adversely affecting food supply.

    Eric Holt Gimenez: Food Scarcity à la Wall Street

  • The difference with this approach to genetic engineering is that instead of manipulating the seed genetics of one cultivar at a time, agroecology manages whole agroecosystem functions to improve farm performance.

    Eric Holt Gimenez: Perpetuating the Eternal Food Fight

  • "There is no paper in the literature that comprehensively and quantitatively compares so many indices of both food and soil quality at multiple sampling times on so many commercial farms," said lead researcher John Reganold, Washington State University Regents professor of soil, science and agroecology

    More proof: Organic matters

  • The report -- with the tongue-twistingly long name the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development -- stressed in no uncertain terms the importance of agroecology and small-scale farming and the need for sustainable management of livestock, forest, and fisheries.

    Anna Lappe: 3 Pillars of a Food Revolution

  • As we struggle to understand the role that food plays in the climate crisis (both its power to harm and to heal), the value of agroecology is key to our understanding.

    Anna Lappe: 3 Pillars of a Food Revolution

  • In addition to agroecology, MPP supports economic development, trains community groups, and provides health and medicine -- and often connects across all areas of work.

    Combating Hunger by Reforesting Haiti


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