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  • noun A name in Porto Rico of two trees, Meliosma obtusifolia and M. Herbertii, belonging to the family Sabiaceæ. They yield a soft white wood. Also called cacao bobo.


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  • The first story includes the plants "aguacatillo" (Alchornea latifolia), crabwood or "najesí" (Carapa guianensis), and "acana" (Manilkara albescens); the second story has ebony (Diospyros caribaea), Ocotea floribunda, Oxandra laurifolia, Talauma minor, Terminalia spp., and Ficus spp.; and the third story has numerous species of arborescent ferns, Mirtaceae and Melastomataceae.

    Cuban moist forests

  • Examples of the first layer of trees (Sierra del Rosario) are Alchornea latifolia ( "aguacatillo"), Calophylum antillanum (ocuje), Mastichodendron foetidissimum (jocuma) and Matayba oppositifolia (macurije).

    Cuban dry forests


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