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  • noun A folk genre of Christmas music in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • noun A song performed in this style.


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  • If your full or part time worker has worked for you for one complete year or more, the amount of the aguinaldo is two weeks 'pay.


  • It seems, based on the article you posted, the one's aguinaldo is determined by one's personal power.

    Aguinaldo in LA Times

  • I don't know anyone who follows the law under a microscope to a "T" here, but if they get sick a good patron will help out, and a proportional aguinaldo is in order, or I'd just give them a crisp purple $500 peso bill per average number of days of the week they worked in the year!

    wages and IMSS

  • Would you agree that it ends up being lower living costs but increased quality of life - less stress, good weather - issues? have you considered the hidden costs of having household/yard help viz the additional pay benefits at christmas (called the aguinaldo in venezuela) and upon leaving your employ, as well as the cash outlay for clothing for their children, paying for their rites of passage "quince" parties (Sweet Fifteen) my friend living on US social security in Ajijic says that she lives at a higher standard than if she had stayed in the PNW

    Cost of Living in Mexico

  • Pete, This is a problem that only occurs at the end of the year (can you spell "aguinaldo"?).

    Dec. Electric Bills and Solar Power

  • We had a gardner working for us, for about 1.5 years, we gave them twice through xmas, his bonus or 'aguinaldo', the first time the required 1/2 month salary, the second time we gave him a full month.

    "Antiq�edad--otro pregunta"

  • "madonna, really, first time to see pics? hmm, this is interesting, our visual appreciation of the past is really non-existent then." yeah, our high school and college books were aptly called * text*books because it was mostly text and very little pictures. it was only recently (due to cheaper broadband) that i saw how gerry roxas closely resembles his son and that emilio aguinaldo has an older look beyond the randy santiago caricature …

    Manuel L. Quezon III: The Daily Dose


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