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  • n. In Tahiti, a tree, Caryophyllus Malaccensis, occurring on all the larger island groups of Polynesia and in the Malay Archipelago. It is everywhere valued for its fine crimson fruit.


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  • TGIFriday wow, for once, there weren't any new messages in my inbox. (ooh, Y replied to my status message about it. it's been a while since we chatted. haha) anyway. day started out .. as usual: running late for CL122. hehe. ahia drove me to school today since his car was coding and he had to use mine today.

    KLuBBKiDD'S RaVe

  • This asshole pastor's comments are in the paper because the Dogpatch (Dispatch) is the unofficial newspaper of the rethug party in the great state of ahia.

    OH-GOV: GOP Pastor Demands Stricklands "Prove" They're Not Gay

  • JIJIIJI life and lies this is more like it planned this day to be all productive and stuff, but it turned out otherwise. haha just watched tv (tv! feels like i havent watched tv in a month) and played w3 with ahia (two games) then with I (my first time back to playing over a server; also two games. the first i won kasi di pa siya marunung, the second too altho i held back kaya kala niya he had a chance tlga hehe) going over later to gwama's house for dinner. csa renewals = galing. medyo kakahiya lang that he had to stay up / really give time to work on the site, and A / we didnt foresee that. movie marathon thing on tuesday, me want, but how. halloween thing. costume? meh.

    KLuBBKiDD'S RaVe


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