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  • n. The state or quality of being aimless, or without purpose or direction.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state or quality of being without aim or definite purpose.

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  • n. the quality of lacking any definite purpose


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From aim + -less + -ness.


  • "If it is the case that science prepares and diagnoses social developments at an early stage, then it is right to expect that the National Academy of the Sciences sets its own agenda for advising politics and society ­ at a time when neither politics nor public opinion have noticed specific developments." argue for the necessity of a three-pronged model for scientific institutions: universities, non-academic scientific societies and academies - and for the "aimlessness" of scientific research.

    Eurozine articles

  • It just gets overwhelmed by the sheer aimlessness of the production.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • The seeming aimlessness of the Wall Street protestors may reflect that they are raging against their own machine.

    Not All the Rage

  • Â With a whole new League around the corner, the few remaining members of the JLA have been dealing with a growing sense of unrest and aimlessness.

    Review: Justice League of America #38 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • More intriguing was the unease she detected, the aimlessness his hustling and exuberance did not disguise.

    O: A Presidential Novel

  • Woodrow and Aiden Tyler Dawson are childhood friends whose aimlessness in day-to-day life is matched only by their passion for building flame-spewing machinery to "prepare for the apocalypse."

    Farihah Zaman: SXSW 2011 Dispatch Two: Coming of Age to a Theater Near You

  • These units of meaning may not ultimately accumulate, but that's hardly the point; Amato forces his reader to acknowledge the fundamental falseness, absurdity, aimlessness, and finally emptiness of demotic linguistic conventions.

    Seth Abramson: December 2011 Contemporary Poetry Reviews

  • I was particularly caught by the story of the probationee who found that aimlessness and boredom, more than anything else, proved the trickiest part of release after all the canteen fights and urgent gossip and communal Hollyoaks marathons in the jug.

    Edinburgh fringe theatre roundup

  • What is certain is that without a vision life becomes aimless, and eventually aimlessness becomes subject to chaos and deepening fear.

    Deepak Chopra: Who Will Lead the Next Tipping Point?

  • The arrangments and re-arrangements just get bogged down in their own aimlessness and the "alchemy" never happens.

    Experimental Fiction


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