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  • noun A ventilating flue; specifically, a wooden tube or box used to convey air to a mine for ventilation.
  • noun A flue used to supply air to a furnace, either to promote combustion, or to be heated in order to warm apartments.
  • noun A chamber at the rear of the fire-box of a furnace to supply air for the more complete combustion of the gases disengaged from the fuel.


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  • Now the fore air-box of the lifeboat has a round roof like a tortoise's back, and there is a very imperfect hand-hold on it.

    Heroes of the Goodwin Sands

  • The strain of these jerks was so great, that, even though Roberts eased his cable, each wave seemed to all hands as if it would tear the after air-box out of the lifeboat, or drag the lifeboat itself in two pieces.

    Heroes of the Goodwin Sands

  • At the helm, therefore, stood the two coxswains, while round the foremast and close to the fore air-box grouped the lifeboatmen.

    Heroes of the Goodwin Sands

  • It was an excellent expedient to insert in the cold air duct a wire screen to hold a layer of cotton to retain the floating impurities which might enter the air-box.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 362, December 9, 1882

  • Adams was out on the fore air-box, lifting the haul-off warp out of the cheek, a perilous spot, when the sea was seen; he had just time to get back and clasp both arms round the foremast as the sea broke, overwhelming lifeboat and the crew and the captain of the Royal Arch, who was aft, in a white smother of foam.

    Heroes of the Goodwin Sands

  • In this mighty hoist the port bilge-piece of the lifeboat as she descended struck the top rail of the vessel's bulwarks, and the collision stove in her fore air-box.

    Heroes of the Goodwin Sands

  • An air-box failure caused Vettel to stop at the entry to the pit lane just as the rain arrived, but the 23-year-old's car was up and running again before the end of the session. : Breaking News

  • All the crazy restrictions they put on the design of racing cars in the various classes, most notably NASCAR with their air-box restrictor plates, only V8s, all naturally aspirated, etc do nothing but harm to the evolution of the technology.


  • Replacement would have been even simpler had I not previously chosen to mount my auxiliary fuse panel directly to the air-box cover.

  • Installation on the GS was a simple matter of removing the rider's seat, loosening the two screws that hold down the cover of the air-box and then removing the lid itself.


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