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  • There are plenty of weapons short of nukes -- e.g. air-fuel bombs -- that are terrifying and inhumane.

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  • The company arrived with Russian helicopter gunships, artillery and air-fuel explosives and within a year quelled the uprising and drove the rebels out.

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  • Associated Press The fuel systems in modern cars benefit from decades of research and development aimed at getting the air-fuel mixture to swirl, spread out and atomize in just the right way before combustion.

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  • In a typical gasoline engine, combustion of the air-fuel mixture occurs by spark, but in a diesel engine combustion occurs by drawing air into the cylinder and compressing it to a high temperature that will burn fuel subsequently injected.

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  • Exhaust gas recirculation directs some of the engine's exhaust back to the cylinders, where it combines with the air-fuel mix to help reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

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  • Several fast pulses provide enough concentrated optical energy for one of tiny lasers to ignite an air-fuel mixture.

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  • The spark plug's role, as it's name implies, is to generate a spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of an engine cylinder. - Home Page

  • Although there have been refinements since then, the basic technology of the spark plug has remained the same for almost 110 years. results of their work: a laser small enough to screw into an engine cylinder, but powerful enough to ignite the air-fuel mixture. News

  • Moreover, the highly compressed and high-temperature air-fuel mixture is cooled by the latent heat of the vaporization of fuel directly injected into the cylinder, and the temperature of the combustion chamber is lowered by adopting a piston-cooling channel and sodium-filled valves to control detonation.

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  • FedEx in early October said the rates for its Express business would climb 5. 5% on average, but the good news was the company was lowering its air-fuel surcharge index by 2% in 2006, effectively making the overall rate increase 3. 5% for Express shippers.

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