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  • noun In ship-building: A small aperture cut in the side of a vessel to admit light and air.
  • noun A large scuttle placed in a ship's bows for the admission of air. Also called air-scuttle.


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  • New types of air-port security scanners are being called X-rated, as well as X-ray.

    New airport scanners prompt calls for Thanksgiving travel boycott

  • While I was eating it I reversed ten transfers, switched all groups at random and dropped the alert in every time without making a mistake, running off rome air-port 07.45 who the hell is few-son and why wont they tell me.

    The Mandarin Cypher

  • There must, he remarked, be an air-port near there by now, and sketched in under the other pictures a little pre-War biplane, single-engined and very short in the wing, followed by the words, "Market Bumbleton."

    Mrs. Miniver

  • If they can get the balloon afloat and can manage the engine, Vladivostok is to be the air-port of their dreams.

    Panther Eye

  • He starts to unscrew his air-port, but come to think, it was still daylight, and so he waits for the shades of night to fall.

    Wide Courses

  • And he looks to see if there was an air-port handy.

    Wide Courses

  • By extending two long, supple left fingers he could hold his cigar while he blew rings of smoke toward the air-port.

    Sonnie-Boy's People

  • Cadogan as he read the sheet of paper held up to the air-port.

    Sonnie-Boy's People

  • He was gazing reflectively through the weather air-port as he spoke.

    Sonnie-Boy's People

  • Cadogan stepped to the light of a smoking-room air-port, held the sheet close up to the glass, and read:

    Sonnie-Boy's People


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