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  • n. A gap where there is a vacuum (not actually air), used to reduce power consumption in microelectronics.


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air +‎ gap


  • Armonk, NY - 03 May 2007: Today's announcement by IBM (NYSE: IBM) of a major breakthrough in chip design -- called 'airgap' -- bookends a decade of innovation from IBM Labs that have transformed the IT industry with new materials and design architectures to build smaller, more powerful and energy efficient chips.

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  • Now we would be using the 'airgap' method of making changes on a 'floppy' and taking it over to 'data automation' where the big machines that took up an entire room hummed along.


  • Mr Edlestein, IBM Fellow and chief scientist of the self-assembly airgap project, said: We have managed to harness the kinds of processes we see in nature to make regular patterns – such as the layers of enamel on your teeth, or the shape of a seashell if you look under a microscope.

    IBM’s Snowflakes Yield Faster Chips | Impact Lab

  • The process, called airgap, enables trillions of microscopic vacuum holes to be placed between the copper wire in chips to act as an insulator.

    IBM’s Snowflakes Yield Faster Chips | Impact Lab

  • I don't mind being the one who has to call the plumber, and sit with the plumber, and go scouting for soap dispensers for the kitchen to replace the ridiculous airgap that they make you put it, but I don't like everyone being crabby at me about the whole thing.

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  • [Photo courtesy of airgap] If you were able to track the posts I have made in this blog, you might be wondering why I h ... (PBS)


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