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  • adjective Northern Ireland Extremely drunk.


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  • Food is sent into the room through an airlocked entrance, he says.

    Vigorous exercise burns calories 14 hours after workout

  • He should have airlocked him before he had the chance to team up with Gaeta.

    Matthew Yglesias » Farley: Human-Cylon Alliance is Impractical and Irresponsible

  • It wouldn't take much digging to turn up a moment where Roslin expresses her humanity through her glasses, or orders a human being airlocked without them.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • I once worked in an airlocked facility that had no fridge, so you had to de-robe and go outside if you forgot anything, re-robe and re-enter.

    BSL2+ training

  • "Sorry to hear that, " Benton says as a loud metallic click grants him entrance through the first set of airlocked doors.


  • And, all around the cliff-walled perimeter, airlocked doors to caverns and tunnels.

    Space Viking

  • The ships - came crowding in; airlocked landing-craft full of space-armored ground-fighters went down.

    Space Viking

  • The airlocked door into the building, at the end of the dock, was closed; when somebody pulled the handle, it refused to open.

    The Cosmic Computer

  • This cutesy suggestion is airlocked in the final scene of the show.

    Brad Ideas - Comments

  • Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) finally learns that one of his fellow Cylons airlocked his wife last season.

    NOW Magazine


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