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  • noun Plural form of airspace.


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  • Once the thin fluid is sucked into the airspaces, the potential damage is done; the resulting inflammation may cause breathing difficulty.

    Between Expectations

  • But there are plans to build more runways in some places, and there are plenty of examples of very congested airspaces that challenge controller resources (Cleveland Center, for example, or the airspace over the NY city airport system (which includes Philadelphia activity routed in over southern NJ)).

    Matthew Yglesias » Nav Canada

  • The fact that there are many examples of airspace that is not congested and is not likely to become so does not mean that there are not also examples of extremely challenging airspaces that would benefit from greater capabilities.

    Matthew Yglesias » Nav Canada

  • Behind the gilded veneer, however, the Flohr family must navigate the perilous straits that come with owning and operating a fleet of private jets across myriad countries and airspaces.

    The Jet Set

  • They will also work together to modernize their air traffic management systems, with a view toward eventual standardization of these systems in both airspaces.

    U.S., EU to Cooperate on Aviation R

  • "For example, in the Air Force, there are only two Gripen aircraft in South Africa and none are yet operational, leaving South Africa without fighter capacity to defend our airspaces as the older Cheetahs have been decommissioned."

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Ouosso said his nation's airspace was safe and managing airspaces for Cameroon, the Central African Republic and Gabon.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Because of noise abatement procedures and what are known as departure and approach corridors feeder ramps to align you with a runway there is a very limited way to transition out of these airports and busy airspaces onto these sky highways literally called "jet routes."

    Updated: Whoa, That Airplane Is Really Close To Ours - The Consumerist

  • As the process continues, the water hollows out more rock, eventually creating airspaces, the largest of which are known as caves or caverns.


  • Because there are often geographical locations where forest canopies are nearly unbroken, it can become a challenge to locate a weather observation site within a clearing in the forest large enough for the lower boundary of the tropospheric air mass to fully reach ground level and fairly represent its condition without being contaminated by the other conditions existing within the airspaces of the forest.

    Pain in Maine, but they can measure rain « Climate Audit


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