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  • n. relish made principally out of red bell peppers, with eggplant, garlic and chili pepper, predominantly popular in the Western Balkans


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Serbo-Croatian ајвар (ajvar, "ajvar, caviar")


  • The Cevapi (pronounced che-va-pee), which tastes like the version sold on every street corner in Bosnia, is a generous 10 chunky cigarette-length cylinders of ground veal patties tucked inside a puffy flatbread with only chopped onions and a roasted red-pepper and eggplant sauce called ajvar as condiments ($10.95).

    Big on Bureks

  • You'd immediately recognize the blue 10-by-5-foot sign - "Cevapcici" in yellow block letters, pronunciation spelled out phonetically, and its magic formula illustrated with cartoon animals: 1/2 cow + 1/4 lamb + 1/4 pig + garlic + salt and pepper, served with a red pepper and eggplant relish called ajvar (pronounced eye-var). -

  • Couscous with sundried tomatos and parsley on lettuce, cauliflower, tomato wedges, marinated and fried tofu and zucchini, carrot flowers, sunflower sprouts and ajvar in the bear cup.

    Bento #291 « Were rabbits

  • Small box: Broccoli, carrot chips, ajvar and mayo, olives and avocado.

    January « 2010 « Were rabbits

  • Potaoto omelette slices, ajvar, hardboiled egg, bell pepper slices, olives and a mint cookie for dessert.

    August « 2009 « Were rabbits

  • Bringing out the not-so-bento box again with this one: Pita bread with halloumi, lettuce and tomatoes; potato croquettes, a container with ajvar dip, and a candy.

    December « 2009 « Were rabbits

  • Small pitas stuffed with rucola, fried eggplant and zucchini slices, yellow bell pepper, some ajvar and an aioli-yoghurt dip.

    Bento #162 « Were rabbits

  • Cook wine down for several minutes, stir in ajvar, and add capers and remaining wine

    Sunday is Food Day: Catfish Rice and Carrot Soup

  • Any time I have to go back to Texas I return with horseradish, grits, umeboshi, balsamic glaze, fish sauce, ajvar, nori fumi furikake, and other items that keep me praying for the green light ....... sfmacaws

    Big Shrimp

  • It had a pound of shrimp, boiled with some Old Bay Seasoning and shelled, and about a pound of boiled fingerling potatoes, sliced yellow and red peppers, spring onions, a few oil cured olives, fresh chives, mint and cilantro, a squirt of lemon, and a few tablespoons of the ajvar.

    Ajvar Shrimp Salad


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