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  • What is the explaining of the flood according to the sumerian, akkadian, babylonain and hebrew?

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  • My best Googlewhack was 360 search results for "akkadian pirogue."


  • Zachariah sitchen is a phony … he doesn't even understand summerian and akkadian grammar and makes frequent mistakes (or bends the truth) about what each word says to manipulate a belief out of it. his lack of grammar is incomprehensible. he makes people believe what he wants to. and that's not even the half of it … he fabricates most of his writings and best of all he fails to provide sources …

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  • For my part, I've managed to get as low as 360 results for "akkadian pirogue."


  • In The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938 film), what are some events which are inaccurate portrayals of history? what were the types of Government / Rulers / Laws in the akkadian civilization? en Español

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