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  • noun See akkum.


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  • In his responsum, Radbaz wrote that Simhah “exaggerated on the measures to be taken when writing that [the wifebeater] should be forced by non-Jews (akum) to divorce his wife ... because [if she remarries] this could result in the offspring [of the illegal marriage, according to Radbaz] being declared illegitimate (mamzer)” (part 4, 157).

    Wifebeating in Jewish Tradition.

  • One would be over on the issur of gvinas akum/gvinas goy depending on whether the source is ashkenazi or sephardi, which is a clear ossur based on all of the halacha seforim.

    Actually, Not Sure What’s For Dinner | Jewschool

  • The Shach seems to say on 115:20 that it is not like chalav akum, but rather, like pas akum the bread of the individual non-Jew, made at his or her house, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH WHAT I MENTIONED BEFORE, which was pas palter, bread of the baker.

    Actually, Not Sure What’s For Dinner | Jewschool

  • Oh it goes a lot deeper than just bread and milk… the ramifications of “bishul akum”, and the backflips gone through by hashgacha agencies to deal with it, are immense.

    Don’t Drink Unhechshered Wine | Jewschool

  • Does this qualify the site under the umbrella of "injā akum fāsiqum?"

  • (As an aside, I agree that this whole story is putrid -- the fact that a heretofore well respected Rabbi has for years been publicly and privately telling people that they can ignore entire sections of Choshen Mishpat that deal with tax evasion and gezel akum is truly putrid).

    Emes Ve-Emunah

  • Are you on the side of those who believe in a Torah that condemns fraud, thievery and gentile hatred, that believes that we are required to follow the halachos in Choshen Mishpat relating to tax evasion and gezel akum, and that refuses to accept scare tactics and intimidation as a means to prevent the RCA from knowing the truth about a fellow Rabbi?

    Emes Ve-Emunah

  • For sources on supervision, see the Rama to yoreh deah 115:2, which says that a Jew merely needs to monitor the process, and it’s the same as chalav akum milk of a non-Jew.

    Actually, Not Sure What’s For Dinner | Jewschool

  • You still have to deal with bishul akum/bishul goy, but all of the sudden batel b’shishim comes up, and olives…. yumm…. olives with RED WINE in the marinade, because the wine is batel b’sheish, not b’shishim, etc… Some might say that lechatchila you should go the kosher restaurant instead of the non-kosher one, and only b’dieved to the non-kosher one.

    Actually, Not Sure What’s For Dinner | Jewschool


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