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  • n. An enzyme present in certain living tissues, including skeletal and heart muscle tissues, that catalyzes the breakdown of a fructose ester into triose sugars.

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  • n. An enzyme, present in some tissue, that catalyses the conversion of phosphates of fructose to those of glyceraldehyde and dihydroxyacetone


aldol +‎ -ase (Wiktionary)


  • In order to metabolize fructose (and sucrose for that matter but thats simply because sucrose has fructose in it) the body does need to make a few enzymes primarily aldolase-B

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  • Hereditary Fructose Intolerance is a condition that results from a rare genetic inability to produce the aldolase-B enzyme which is necessary to the proper metabolizing of fructose despite the fact that it is already a simple sugar.

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  • It had been observed by Harland Wood's group at Western Reserve that when 14C-lactate or 14C-glycerol are fed to a fasted animal the labeling of the glucose units of liver glycogen was such as to suggest that triose-P isomerase had failed to equilibrate its two triose phosphate substrates during synthesis, or that the condensation reaction of FDP aldolase did not give equal labeling of the two halves of

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  • In a surprise result, the Schiffs bases of dihydroxyacetone-P and of FDP were found to precipitate with the protein of muscle aldolase in cold acid43.

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  • This property due to the stability of the Schiffs base intermediates in acid and the acid lability of the eneamin-Ps were used to determine their concentrations as intermediates in the aldolase reaction44.

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  • Protein levels for parasite pLDH (Standard Diagnostics, Kyonggi-do, Korea) and aldolase

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  • RDTs targeting other antigens (pLDH and aldolase) and quality microscopy should be used for malaria diagnosis.

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  • In contrast, all 9 samples had measurable levels of pLDH and aldolase.

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  • RDTs detecting parasite LDH or aldolase and quality microscopy should be use for malaria diagnosis in this region.

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  • It exploits the promiscuous aldolase activity of the enzyme macrophomate synthase (MPS) to add pyruvate enolate diastereoselectively to a wide range of structurally complex aldehydes.

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