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  • n. Plural form of alewife.


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  • It seems that while we weren't looking (who looks for such things?) a resources ­department of the state had ­introduced alewives to local water; while the small fish had spread in abundance all over the lake eating whatever they eat, the bass were enthusiastically feasting on the alewives, which is typical of the great wet circle of life underwater.

    Happy Ending to a Fish Tale

  • River herring, also called alewives, are anadromous fish.

    Vineyard Gazette - Top Stories

  • It is the last remaining barrier on the mainstem of the Winnicut River and its removal effort, which also includes the installation of a fish passage structure upstream, will open more than 39 miles of upstream habitat for migratory fish such as alewives, blueback herring, and American eel.

    Augmented Reality: More than Hype? |NHPR|Word of Mouth

  • Multitudes of these half-grown fish are taken in seines, and sold as herrings or 'alewives'; for the true herring does not run up into fresh water.

    Nature's Serial Story

  • This will be an opportunity for the public to comment on the Penobscot River Restoration Trust's proposal to restore Atlantic salmon and other sea-run species such as alewives, sturgeon, blueback herring and shad throughout the Penobscot River drainage, according to Melissa Laser, a DMR biologist. > News

  • They eat the invasive alewives and have allowed native species to recover.

    Think Progress » After warmest January in history, Vancouver airlifts in snow for Winter Olympics.

  • None of these small fish species -- menhaden, alewives and blueback herring -- have the widespread appeal of your average humpback whale or giant panda, but they do happen to sit near the bottom of the food chain.

    Peter Hanlon: Little Fish, Big Help

  • As for river herring, listing the unheralded fish along with the likes of grizzly bears, American crocodiles, Chinook salmon and other threatened iconic species means that not only would alewives and bluebacks get a little boost in the public eye, but they'd finally get a recovery plan in place.

    Peter Hanlon: Little Fish, Big Help

  • Brewing was a time-honored profession for women in England alewives and brewsters, so I thought it might be fun to have a heroine who enjoyed that particular profession.

    A Hellion in Her Bed

  • Despite a centuries 'old tradition of "sprightly and ribald" alewives, Frankfurter wrote, "Michigan could, beyond question, forbid all women from working behind a bar."

    Women Behind Bars


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