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  • noun aluminium foil


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  • The alfoil crackled as she removed it from the pie, and making three swift cuts, soon had two slices.

    Late November

  • Natalie put the dish, wrapped in alfoil, on the tray table and pulled a chair closer to the bed.

    Late November

  • So for this journey into the starry spheres, we will need a pair of binoculars, a camera tripod, some cardboard and alfoil, and lots of gaffer tape.

    Geo-xcentricities; you too can be Galileo with just a pair of binoculars (and gaffer tape) - The Panda's Thumb

  • I would ditch the alfoil and use snap lock bags instead.

    How To Cook Something In The Dishwasher | Lifehacker Australia

  • Another good way is to wet roast like your idea but completey cover the bird with tight fitting alfoil so the steam cooks it.

    At My Table

  • Tear off 8-10 sheets of alfoil, maybe 15-20 centimetres across.

    where's the beef?

  • Then clip on the pudding basin lid, or else lay a big sheet of alfoil over the top, tying string around the lip of the basin, making a 'loop handle' so you can lift it out of the cooking pot when it is done.


  • We ordered the whole fish and spaghetti marinara pasta here and the chefs went to some elaborate presentation effort to bring out the dishes which arrived on giant, sculptured alfoil platters with little candle burning inside onions. Recent Updates

  • Just a nice little alfoil cap for his transmitter unit.

    Australian Car Advice | News Blog

  • One form of therapy is to go somewhere that nobody knows you, and deliberately make an utter fool of yourself: put on a paper hat, and scream out: "I'm queen / king of America!", or an alfoil one: "I am Zeguxy, Overlord of the Andromeda galaxy.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions


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