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  • noun Among Mohammedans, a learned man; a religious teacher, such as an imâm, a mufti, etc.

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  • noun An educated scholar of Islamic law; a member of the ulema class


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From Arabic عالم (ʿālim).


  • But now it is they, and not the senior leaders, who increasingly decide what these beliefs imply on the ground; recently in Paktia province, the Quetta Shura is reported as having sent a Muslem scholar (alim) to chastise a group of youthful commanders who were not following Quetta's directives, and the commanders killed the cleric.

    Scott Atran: Talking to the Enemy: How to Turn the Taliban Against Al Qaeda

  • "The clashes came after some of the government troops started to rob a civilian car and the police were trying to stop it," Abdullahi Mo ` alim Kerow, a police officer, told Reuters.

    Garrett Johnson: What Must the World Think of Us?

  • Though the Finnish and Estonian words, omena and õun, look quite different and perhaps closer to Hungarian alma, Turkish elma, Mongolian alim.

    Apple juice

  • The traditional answer is a scholar of Islamic law, or alim.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • And if we adopt the definition given by any one of the ulama, we remain Muslims according to the view of that alim

    Jihad's Long Journey

  • Akram is a working alim, lecturing in mosques and universities and dispensing fatwas on issues like inheritance and divorce.

    Muslim women served as Hadith scholars in the Middle Ages

  • Mohammad Akram Nadwi, a 43-year-old Sunni alim, or religious scholar, has rediscovered a long-lost tradition of Muslim women teaching the Koran, transmitting hadith deeds and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad and even making Islamic law as jurists.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • It is worthy to say that up to that date, Ayatullah Khou'i had never certificated any of his students' knowledge or Ijtihad, except for Ayatullah Sistani and Ayatullah shaykh Ali Falsafi an eminent `alim in the Hawzah of Mashhad.

    Archive 2005-02-06

  • One can refer to Butrus Al-Bustani's speech in 1848 on Ta`alim An-Nisa' Education of Women.

    Monday, October 31, 2005

  • Either that or my darling confidant has done a good job in persuading me to attend this religious class (he asserted the new-age alim husband prospects) which will be held every Tuesday nights.

    natinski Diary Entry


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