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  • n. Plural form of alkali.


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  • When Lavoisier presented his antiphlogistic system, this system proved in principle so perfect that one could confidently predict that many well-known substances, such as alkalis and alkaline earths, were not elements but oxides of hitherto unknown metals -

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1910 - Presentation Speech

  • There are two types of caustics: acids alkalis (also known as bases)


  • Potentially serious exposures usually occur when strong alkalis or acids are used in an enclosed, poorly ventilated area for a prolonged period of time.

    Household Cleaners

  • Strong alkalis or acids such as drain openers, oven cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, or as in Susan's case — mildew stain removers — are strong enough on their own to make Susan feel "overwhelmed by the fumes."

    Household Cleaners

  • Acids and alkalis combine to produce water, which is neutral.

    Milk-Alkali Syndrome

  • Intake of foods such as milk, alkalis and Vitamin D on a high level results in the formation of calcium phosphate stones.

    Natural Remedies for Curing Kidney Stones

  • Acids dissolve the metal, but it is unaffected by alkalis.


  • Davy's recognition that the alkalis and alkaline earths were all oxides challenged Lavoisier's theory that oxygen was the principle of acidity.

    Davy, Humphry

  • Strong acids and alkalis are used in the conversion process, which involves converting the yellowcake (uranium oxide) powder to very soluble forms, leading to possible inhalation of uranium.

    Nuclear fuel cycle

  • Its legacy is tangible, with terms like algebra, algorithm and alkali all being Arabic in origin and at the very heart of modern science - there would be no modern mathematics or physics without algebra, no computers without algorithms and no chemistry without alkalis.

    Biased BBC


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