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  • noun organic chemistry Any of a class of divalent functional groups derived from an alkane by removal of two hydrogen atoms from the same carbon atom, the free valencies being part of a double bond - R2C=


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  • He was excited about the potential of the new alkylidene compounds

    Richard R. Schrock - Autobiography

  • I started to follow the metathesis literature and began to suspect that the new alkylidene complexes that I discovered in 1973 might be relevant to that process, even though tantalum was not a known catalyst for olefin metathesis.

    Richard R. Schrock - Autobiography

  • His interests include the inorganic and organometallic chemistry of high oxidation state early metal complexes, catalytic reactions and mechanisms of reactions involving alkylidene complexes, especially olefin metathesis reactions, the chemistry of high oxidation state dinitrogen and related complexes, and the controlled synthesis of polymers prepared using well-defined organometallic initiators.

    MIT World: Recent Updates

  • He is perhaps best known for his discovery of "high oxidation state carbene" (alkylidene complexes) by alpha hydrogen abstraction in high oxidation state metal alkyl complexes.

    MIT World: Recent Updates

  • "We expect this highly flexible palette of catalysts to be useful for a wide variety of catalytic reactions that are catalyzed by a high oxidation state alkylidene species, and to be able to design catalytic metathesis reactions with a control that has rarely if ever been observed before."

    Green Car Congress

  • That compound marked the beginning of high oxidation state carbene, or alkylidene chemistry, as stated in a book by Bill Nugent and Jim Mayer (Metal-Ligand

    Richard R. Schrock - Autobiography


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