from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. In such phrases as “all to rent,” “all to break,” “all-to frozen,” etc., which are of frequent occurrence in our old authors, the all and the to have commonly been regarded as forming a compound adverb, equivalent in meaning to entirely, completely, altogether. But the sense of entireness lies wholly in the word all (as it does in “all forlorn,” and similar expressions), and the to properly belongs to the following word, being a kind of intensive prefix (orig. meaning asunder and answering to the LG. ter-, HG. zer-). It is frequently to be met with in old books, used without the all. Thus Wyclif says, “The vail of the temple was to rent:” and of Judas, “He was hanged and to-burst the middle:” i. e., burst in two, or asunder.
  • adv.


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  • However, underdevelopment of the infrastructure (in rural areas of India over the last 60 years of Indian history) has made diseases like HIV, TB/respiratory and dysentery-related illnesses all-to prevalent.

    When are India and its villages going to unite?

  • I like them all-to sniff- but I only have the fig; the others are too sharp on my skin, and I prefer the Cuir D'Oranger to the TV.

    Perfume Review: Miller Harris Tangerine Vert, Fique Amere and Fleur du Matin

  • "We got models, creative directors and designers - there are 23 innovators in all-to create collages that will be on display, so we're going to see some diverse stuff," said a publicist.

    Eight Day Week

  • But to investigate this question at all-to seek a reasoned justification of a belief with regard to which we are too well off to require reasoned justification-implies bad judgement of what is better and what is worse, what commends itself to belief and what does not, what is ultimate and what is not.


  • It was little-known fact, but witnesses were allowed to use anything-anything at all-to refresh their recollection.

    Salem Falls

  • In addition to Simon Kelner, I wish to express my sincere and lasting thanks to Bill Shinker, Patrick Janson-Smith, John Sterling, Luke Dempsey, and Jed Mattes, to each of whom I am variously and deeply indebted, and, above all-way above all-to my dear, long-suffering wife and children for so graciously and sportingly letting me drag them into all this.

    I'm A Stranger Here Myself

  • If they were, then why had they given the Elfstones-the most powerful magic of all-to her?

    The Elf Queen of Shannara

  • The thing that would amaze you most would be the air of cheeriness and happiness that pervades it all-to most people the most remarkable feature.

    The Training of Blind Soldiers in England

  • That detachment enables him-if he has any intelligence at all-to discriminate between the things, as I have said, which England has, which we have not, and the things which we have that England has not, but ought to have.

    Empire and Democracy

  • These two, most of all-to treat my allies as enemies, and to make common cause with my enemies.

    The History of Rome, Vol. V


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