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  • verb Obsolete spelling of alleged.


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  • Examination of the arguments alledged from the Hebrew Prophets, to prove that Jesus was the Messiah.

    The Grounds of Christianity Examined by Comparing The New Testament with the Old

  • I saw the father of the accused call the alledged victim a troubled girl .... exactly!

    Blogger KING

  • Some of the "alledged" Hillary fans sound more and more like members of a cult – many seem to see Hillary as the only true savior – "give me Hillary, or give me death."

    Clinton campaigns in SD, hits McCain on Farm Bill

  • In the face of the REALITY that over a dozen people are dead and many more wounded , with dozens of witnesses , it is disheartening and a dishonor to those who lost their lives to use the word " alledged " .

    Tragedy at Fort Hood

  • The "alledged" pilots were saudis - why do you pigeon hole all muslims into one group?

    The Guardian World News

  • These 'alledged'"good employees" commited a crime!

    Think Progress

  • Report Abuse why when any perp is nailed to the wall during thier action is it only an 'alledged' incident. the hell with political correct, they are GUILTY. say it like it is .... they know it, you do't need to be gentle with them ..


  • I think if it would have been a white hetero man who did the shooting, the word "alledged" would quickly dissipate.

    The Guardian World News

  • As a retired educator from Central, I have NOT WITNESSED this type of "alledged" situation by a teacher, but I HAVE WITNESSED THE STUDENTS OUT-OF CONTROL ATTITUDE TOWARD AUTHORITY.


  • This is a time of grieving and reflection for family, friends and fans of Jackson and to open up the floor (so to speak) would possibly bring up and out alot of ugliness associated/alledged from his past.

    Pelosi: House won't take up Michael Jackson resolution


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