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  • Concerning or pertaining to an allelomorph; Mendelian.

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  • adjective of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an allelomorph.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to an allelomorph

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  • adjective of or relating to alleles


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allelo- +‎ -morphic


  • HETEROZYGOTE (different yolk), a zygotic individual which contains both members of an allelomorphic pair.

    Applied Eugenics

  • HOMOZYGOTE (same yolk), an individual which contains only one member of an allelomorphic pair, but contains that in duplicate, having received it from both parents.

    Applied Eugenics

  • But the allelomorphic factors are not the only ones which are segregated into different germ-cells, at the maturation of the cell; for the factors which are not alternative are likewise distributed, more or less independently of each other, so that it is largely a matter of chance whether factors which enter a cross in the same germ-cell, segregate into the same germ-cell or different ones, in the next generation.

    Applied Eugenics

  • When the immature germ-cell, with its double system of factors, matures, it throws out half the factors, retaining only a single system: and the allelomorphic factors which then segregate into different cells are, as has been said above, ordinarily uninfluenced by their stay together.

    Applied Eugenics

  • We now find that albinism in guinea-pigs shows an even greater range of variation,3 yet there can be no doubt of its fundamental unity as a Mendelian character, each grade of which is allelomorphic to every other grade and to normal pigmentation.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • Each is a unit character but showing graded allelomorphic conditions which correspond probably with different stages of arrested development of pigmentation or mentality respectively.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • Mendelizing characters which assume multiple allelomorphic conditions. 2 Pearson has steadfastly refused to admit that albinism in man is a Mendelizing character, because it may assume various forms ranging from colorless to quite heavily pigmented conditions (blondes).

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology


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