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  • adjective relating to an allelopathy


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  • It is even "allelopathic", which means that these grasses release chemicals from their roots that naturally deter the growth of weeds.

    Tom Christopher: No flow, low flow lawn

  • Various hypotheses have been advanced for their formation, from geomorphological phenomena, to plants having allelopathic exclusion effects, to being animal derived features.

    Namib desert

  • Some plants produce allelopathic chemicals, which limit the growth and survival of competing plants.


  • Various hypotheses have been advanced for their formation, from geomorphological phenomena to plants having allelopathic exclusion effects to being animal-derived features.

    Kaokoveld desert

  • Examples of interference competition would include a lion chasing a hyena away from a kill or a plant releasing allelopathic chemicals that reduce the growth rate of a competing species.

    Community ecology

  • Once present, it is easily spread through seed dispersal – its seeds can remain viable for up to two years and buried seeds can stay dormant for up to 20 years – and as a result of its allelopathic character.

    Invasive alien species and development challenges in Africa

  • The leaves and branches of the black wattle are believed to have allelopathic properties – that is the chemical inhibition of growth and seed germination of other plants.

    Invasive alien species in Africa

  • Other problems are relative sensitivity of young trees to fire, allergenic properties of pollen, and allelopathic effects of leaf extracts on germination of other plants (Setiadi and Samingan, 1978).

    Chapter 8

  • They should provide minimal competition with the companion crops for moisture, nutrients and light, and should not be allelopathic.

    Chapter 6

  • Aken'Ova and Atta-Krah (1986) noted additional benefits of improved weed control in alley cropping, while Obando (1987) indicated a possible allelopathic effect of Gliricidia on the common weeds Bidens pilosa and Melanpodium perfoliatum in Costa Rica.

    Chapter 3


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