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  • n. See isoantigen.

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  • n. Any antigen, present in only some individuals of a species, that stimulates the production of antibodies in those that lack it; an isoantigen


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allo- +‎ antigen


  • Schwartz A, Middleton E Jr In previous studies (Schwartz et al., 1982) we showed that the naturally occurring plant flavonoid quercetin can inhibit both the in vitro generation and effector function of alloantigen specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL).

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  • However, these DST-generated T-cells did not express the regulatory T-cell (Treg) transcription factor Foxp3 nor did they suppress alloantigen (DA) - induced activation of LEW T-cells in vitro suggesting that these lymphocytes are not fully functional regulatory Tregs.

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  • +Foxp3+ Tregs that potently suppressed alloantigen-induced activation of naïve LEW T-cells in vitro and liver allograft rejection in vivo.

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  • M. Kawauchi M. Fururse A. Takizawa H. Role of costimulatory molecules on airway epithelial cells acting as alloantigen-presenting cells.

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  • 1 In renal transplantation, acute cellular rejection has been viewed as a T-cell-dependent process, but B cells are required for alloantibody production and may also play other roles, including alloantigen presentation to T cells. 2

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