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  • noun Plural form of allosauroid.


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  • New theropods - particularly bird-like coelurosaurs (like dromaeosaurs) and big non-coelurosaurian tetanurans (like allosauroids) - make the news all the time, but ornithischians consistently draw the short straw.

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  • White-lettered taxa represent allosauroids basal to the Carcharodontosauridae.

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  • The similarities shared amongst these three specimens, are also those that differ them from other allosauroids, such as

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  • We suggest that all three astragali represent very similar allosauroids and that NMVP 150070 is closest in morphology to Phylogenetic position of the three new dinosaurs.

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  • "Given the great variations between the teeth of different kinds of allosauroids, it would be prudent for us to assign this fossil to an indeterminate Allosauroidea", Luis Alcalá, one of the researchers involved in the study to be published in the upcoming issue of Estudios Geológicos and managing director of the Teruel-Dinópolis Joint Palaeontology Foundation, tells SINC.

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  • Allosaurus sp., and conclude that it most-likely represents The occurrence of Australovenator from the Aptian to latest Albian confirms the presence in Australia of allosauroids basal to the Carcharodontosauridae.

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  • Neovenator (a basal carcharodontosaurid) from Europe, implies a near global distribution for allosauroids basal to the Carcharodontosauridae (

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