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  • adverb In an allosteric manner
  • adverb With regard to allostery


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  • S, Song X, Reichart D, Du K, et al. (2008) Induced ncRNAs allosterically modify

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  • Company has a broad intellectual property portfolio and deep pipeline of preclinical drug candidates that allosterically modulate SHIP1. Featured News and Stories

  • Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) bind to the viral RT and allosterically hinder DNA polymerization by impairing the mobility of particular RT domains

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  • Ampakines bind allosterically to the protein on brain cells called the AMPA receptor, which mediates rapid synaptic transmission.

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  • With the novel assumptions that tubulins can laterally interact in two different forms, and allosterically affect neighboring lateral interactions, we can explain existing experimental observations.

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  • We model the affect of PKA on PLC to be allosterically regulated and to have two conformational states, one whose activity is strongly enhanced by calcium and one whose activity is only weakly enhanced.

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  • How can an activator and an inhibitor have different effects on an allosterically regulated enzyme?

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  • However, it is worth noting that many members of the ALDH family are allosterically regulated (see for example

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