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  • adjective amphidiploid
  • noun amphidiploid


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  • Soon, enamored of each other, we joined our genomes (my A with her B), and in this way, duplicating our chromosome complement, we generated an allotetraploid wheat, the wild ancestor of the most noble durum wheat of contemporary pasta.

    Chapter 12

  • Doebley JF (1997) DNA sequence evidence for the segmental allotetraploid origin of maize.

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  • amphidiploid: same as allotetraploid autopolyploid : polyploids created by chromosome duplication within a species basic chromosome number (monoploid number): the number of different chromosomes that make up a single complete (chromosome) set.

    Lynn Margulis: "Definitely a Darwinist" - The Panda's Thumb

  • allopolyploids are generated by hybridization between two related species. the hybrid is sterile. however, sometimes chromosomal doubling occurs, restoring fertility. if the two parental species are diploid, the resulting allopolyploid is called allotetraploid.

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  • allotetraploid: an organism that is diploid for two genomes, each from a different species.

    Lynn Margulis: "Definitely a Darwinist" - The Panda's Thumb


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