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  • noun A biological specimen that is the opposite sex of a holotype.
  • noun Immunology Any of the alleles in the constant region of a given subclass of immunoglobulin that are detectable as antigens by members of the same species having a different constant region.

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  • noun zoology A specimen that exemplifies the opposite sex of the holotype.
  • noun immunology An immunoglobulin allotype is the allele of the antibody chains found in the individual.


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allo- + -type


  • Each MHC allotype generally binds a distinct subset of peptides and the enormous number of possible peptide epitopes prevents their complete experimental characterization.

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  • Gumperz JE, Parham P, Long EO, Wagtmann N (1998) Direct binding and functional transfer of NK cell inhibitory receptors reveal novel patterns of HLA-C allotype recognition.

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  • ART2a congenic rats were developed by us and differ from ordinary non-lymphopenic, non-diabetic WF animals in that they express the "a" rather than the "b" allotype of the ART2

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