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  • n. A comprehensive treaty on astronomy, geography, and mathematics compiled by Ptolemy circa 150 CE.
  • n. Any of several medieval treatises, especially those concerned with astronomy or alchemy.


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Arabic المجسطي (al-majisṭī, "almagest"), which is an addition of the Arabic definite article to a transliteration of Ancient Greek μεγίστη ("greatest")


  • But when it came to almagest and astrolabe, the counting of figures and reckoning of epicycles, away would go her thoughts to horse and hound, and a vacant eye and listless face would warn the teacher that he had lost his hold upon his scholar.

    The White Company

  • And now we are together, O mysterious tome, whose Arab name breathes a strange mustiness of occult lore and claims kindred with the sciences of almagest and alchemy.

    The Life of the fly; with which are interspersed some chapters of autobiography


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