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almost everywhere


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  • adv. For all elements except those contained in some set of measure zero.


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  • She was a role model for me and was the perfect antidote for all the uptight, repressed, tradition-bound women I saw almost everywhere I looked in the Utah of the 1950s and ’60s.

    Roseanne Archy

  • That African slavery, as it existed in the United States anterior to the year 1862, presented a mild form of servitude, as servitude then existed and immemorially had almost everywhere existed, was, moreover, incontrovertibly proven in the course of the Civil War.

    'Tis Sixty Years Since

  • But one kind of flood that can occur almost everywhere but is predominantly found in the pseudo-barren soil of the western deserts parts of Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Wyoming, British Columbia, and so forth is the flash flood.

    The RVer’s Bible

  • But this time the onward march of events, of threat and counter-threat, had escalated unabated until, on the 15th of June, in response to unusually heavy and persuasive evidence of a build-up of Warsaw Pact military force in Eastern Europe (as well as increasing activity by Soviet forces almost everywhere they were to be found around the globe), the moment for NATO taking overt precautions could no longer be avoided.

    First Clash

  • This Parliamentary Ordinance for Printing with which it had been proposed to crush him; this whole system of Censorship and licensing of books that had prevailed so long in England and almost everywhere else; this delegation of the entire control of a nation's Literature to a state-agency consisting of a few prejudiced parsons and schoolmasters seated atop, to decide what should go into the funnel, and a Company of Stationers seated below, to see that nothing else came out of the funnel: - was not this a subject on which something might be said?

    The Life of John Milton

  • Genuflecting, understood in this sense, has now almost everywhere in the Western

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI

  • Fossily mechanics, with their tool kits hung knapsack-wise behind their shoulders, were employed almost everywhere in the circuit and drew no attention in chance encounters.

    The Complete Federation Of The Hub

  • The homes of the wealthy I visited; and almost everywhere I found those gentleman-housekeepers anxious and worried, no matter how many servants were kept.

    Man's Rights: or, How Would You Like It?


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