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  • noun a genus of arctic foxes.

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  • noun arctic foxes


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  • The diverse vegetation communities support a notable resident and migratory bird fauna, including cliff species such as fox-kestrel Falco alopex, Gabar goshawk Melierax gabar, yellow-billed shrike Corvinella corvina scarlet-chested sunbird Chalcomitra senegalensis,, rose-ringed parakeet Psittacula krameri, cliff chat Thamnolea cinnamomeiventris (abundant) and rock dove Columbia livia.

    Cliffs of Bandiagara (Land of the Dogons), Mali

  • Regionally threatened bird species in the area include great egret Casmerodius albus (60), saddle-billed stork Ephipiorhynchus senegalensis (9), banded snake eagle Circaetus cinerascens, fish eagle Haliaeetus vocifer, fox kestrel Falco alopex, African skimmer Ryncops flavirostris (50) and Somali sparrow Passer castanopterus.

    Lake Turkana National Parks, Kenya

  • This is a clever variation on Archilochus's line poll' oid' alopex, all' echinos hen mega 'The fox knows many tricks, the hedgehog only one. GOPNIK'S POINT.

  • (Gr. alopekia, fox-mange, a bald spot, alopekoeides, fox-like — alopex, fox) — Chambers English Dictionary

    Fox Evil


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